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Sunday, December 10, 2023

22 Best Copyright Free Stock Video Sites For Upload YouTube, FB Page (2023 Copyright free)

 Stock footage can be an amazing tool for anyone who needs to create videos.

22 Best Copyright Free Stock Video Sites For Upload Youtube, FB Page

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If you are looking for Copyright Free Stock Videos?

Don’t worry - we have got you covered. Check out this ultimate list of 21 free stock Videos sources, and you will be sure to find what you need.

Audiences are demanding more easily-digestible content that captures their eyes the moment they scroll down. there is quite a range of free stock video sites that allow marketers and bloggers to capture audiences without breaking the bank. 

Every man search this answer where we get videos without copyright for youtube. All site is not total free. But most of free. 

However, not all free stock video websites are created equal. Some claim to be free, but if you dig a little deeper, you may discover download limits and content with watermarks that are not always for commercial use. 

We have done the legwork and created a list of the best FREE stock video sites along with key takeaways and points to consider for each. You can see this.

22 Copyright Free Stock Video Sites List

  • 1. Videezy    
  • 2. Mixkit
  • 3. Pexels 
  • 4. Pixabay
  • 5. Stock Footage for Free 
  • 6. Coverr 
  • 7. Videvo
  • 8. Life of Vids 
  • 9. Vidsplay
  • 10. Free Nature Stock 
  • 11. Mazwai 
  • 12. Motion Elements
  • 13. Storyblocks
  • 14. Dareful
  • 15. Shutterstock
  • 16. iStock
  • 17. Depositphotos
  • 18. Pikwizard
  • 19. Xstockvideo
  • 20. FOCA
  • 21. Motionarray
  • 22. Flickr

1. Videezy

Many of the stock videos are completely free to use, however, some require you to upgrade to Videezy Pro before downloading. With Videezy Pro, you can purchase credits to download videos that aren't available with the free version.

Videezy is one of the largest video communities in the world and allows users to download free stock videos from their large, high-quality collection.

While their premium content can be used commercially and non-commercially without attribution, their standard (free) content must be used with attribution.

1 credit: $19 per file

10 credits: $49 ($4.90 per file)

5 credits: $39 ($7.80 per file)

1. Free videos must be used with attribution

2. Subscribe to Videezy Pro to purchase credits for paid videos

3. Select from a large range of free and paid videos

2. Mixkit

Mixkit is a free stock video website that's truly free. No sign-up is required, no attribution necessary, no watermarks are applied, and all their high definition stock videos are available for commercial and non-commercial use. If it sounds too good to be true, you can read their license and terms and conditions here.

Choose videos from a wide variety of categories and styles, including business, tech, fashion, travel, performing arts, and more. 

1. ideos can be used commercially.

2. Completely free.

3. Great variety of HD videos.

3. Pexels 

You want to get copyright free videos without watermark. You don't need to subscribe to their website to download stock videos for free. It's a great offer.

You can sign-up free of charge to find and follow videographers who contribute to the website regularly, as well as to save your download history. But is not compulsary.

Pexels offers thousands of free stock videos from a large variety of categories to help creators bring beautiful designs and products to life. The great thing about Pexels is that it allows you to choose the quality of your stock videos by providing download links for various resolutions.

1. Videos can be used commercially with no watermark or attribution.

2. Completely free.

3. Choose your preferred resolution.

All videos on Pexels can be used commercially and non-commercially with no watermarks or attribution required.

4. Pixabay

Every man search where we can get free stock videos for commercial use. All Pixabay stock videos are free to use both commercially and non-commercially. Pixabay is a stock video site that offers over a million completely free stock videos. To download, simply choose one of their many copyright-free videos and select your preferred resolution. it’s that easy! 

There are a number of rules that apply. So make sure to check the Pixabay license which outlines how their content can and can’t be used. 

1. Option to select your video’s resolution

2. All videos can be used commercially

3. Over one million completely free stock videos


5. Stock Footage for Free 

"No fees. No catch. Unlimited Downloads." Stock Footage for Free claims,This fantastic free stock video website has a large library of HD stock videos that don't require payment or attribution.

Can be used both commercially and non-commercially. In order to download their videos, you  do need to subscribe to their website.

1. Subscribe for free to download videos

2. Free stock videos

3. Large library of HD stock videos available


6. Coverr 

With no watermarks and no attribution required, it's a great resource! Upon download, you'll receive a ZIP file that contains both your video as well as a JPG thumbnail image.

Coverr is a completely free stock video website that provides marketers and entrepreneurs with hundreds of high-quality videos for all of their marketing and branding needs. 

1. Completely free.

2. Videos are high-quality with no watermarks or attribution required.

3. Videos will download in a ZIP file with a JPG thumbnail image included.


7. Videvo

This includes 30-second clips with no watermarks where attribution is required, as well as 10-second clips with watermarks but no required attribution.  

Videvo provides free, high-quality stock videos for both commercial and non-commercial use. 

You can also upgrade to their premium plan which offers a number of downloads per month.

Here Premium Plan costs:

  • 1. Videvo Plus: $14.99 per month
  • 2. Videvo Pro: $24.99 per month

1. Large number of free and paid stock videos

2. For paid stock videos, subscribe to Videvo Plus or Videvo Pro

3. Remember to read their license as each video may have different usage rights

8. Life of Vids 

This sites has a lot of Copyright Free Stock Video. All of their SD and HD videos are free! All of Life of Vids videos are watermark-free and require no attribution for either commercial or non-commercial use. 

Throwing them a mention is encouraged or you can simply donate an amount of your choosing to their site. 

1. 10 video redistribution limit

2. Completely free

3. SD and HD quality stock videos


9. Vidsplay 

Here a lot of videos without copyright for youtube. Vidsplay does require you to credit videos with a link somewhere on your website or other media channel. 

Vidsplay has many categories to choose from and all their HD stock videos are free of charge. 

  • 1. HD stock videos
  • 2. Requires a credit link to be added
  • 3. Completely free

10. Free Nature Stock 

Each video is personally shot and edited by the authors of the website and are completely free to use both commercially and non-commercially.

This free stock video website is the bee’s knees for all of your nature video needs. 

1. Nature videos only

2. No permission or attribution required

3. Each video is completely free to use

11. Mazwai 

Mazwai handpicks every free stock video they provide to ensure the highest level of quality. safe to use commercially and non-commercially and are available in both standard HD and full HD.

It is important to note that the author of each video must be credited. It's also your responsibility to ensure you're allowed to use any music or sound effects within Mazwai’s video content. 

1. Download in both Standard HD and Full HD

2. The authors of each video must be credited

3. All stock videos are free

12. Motion Elements 

You will need to sign-up in order to download videos, but it is completely free and doing so allows you 5 free downloads per week. If you refer a friend, you can increase that to 30 per week. 

This site provides users with a range of stock videos in high-resolution formats that can be used both commercially and non-commercially.

1. Can be downloaded in 2K, 4K, HD, and HD720

2. Lots of free videos

3. Sign-up to download videos and gain credits for future downloads


13. Storyblocks
14. Dareful
15. Shutterstock
16. iStock
17. Depositphotos
18. Pikwizard
19. Xstockvideo
20. FOCA
21. Motionarray
22. Flickr

Be Careful. Check the licensing terms or conditions before using free video clips! Especially if using in commercial or client projects. Some videos may be only available for non-commercial use or may require giving credit to the creator.

What are Stock Videos?

Stock videos are small clips or shots that can be reused in larger video production. These stock videos are used in video projects and films for storytelling purposes. These video clips are shot for a general purpose. they seamlessly fit in most videos and can be used in a variety of concepts and video projects. And it's a very funn.

How to Download Stock Videos without watermarks?

Go Step By Step:

  • Step-1.  Go to your browser and visit any of the above-listed Copyright Free Stock Video Sites you like.
  • Step-2.  Type the search query for a video you want to download using the search bar given and hit Enter.
  • Step-3. Then show the results that match your search query.
  • Step-4. Scroll through the results and find a free video that you need by watching the preview of the video.
  • Step-5. Click the Free Download button to download the Copyright Free Stock Video.
  • Step 6) Your video will be downloaded to your system without a watermark.
  • Step-7. Now, you can use this videos any social media or site. Like Youtube, Facebook Page, twitter ETC.

At Last, While these fantastic, easy-to-use, free stock video websites are available for everyone to use, it's always important to ensure you are complying with each site’s license, terms, and conditions.

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